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An ancient secret awaits discovery…

Is it a blessing or a curse?

Campaign Guidelines

  • Campaign based around acquisition, deciphering and solving puzzles related to the end of one of the previous eras and recovery of technology revolving around it. Initial adventures, that we will run to get used to the system, will be loosely based around the overall campaign, we will go more in depth as we get comfortable with the setting.
  • Apart from any involvement form the core factions as described in the book, another small organization directly tied to the players (unless you guys go somewhere else with your problems, that is an option too) is expected. A little bit of NPC management within said faction is possible, as in choosing what to investigate or research while the PCs are doing their things elsewhere.
  • The mentioned organization should serve as a focus point for all types of characters, so as long as we don’t go for cackling evil, we should be able to at least cooperate well enough for the time being.

Home Page

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